Dear Customers, Members and Visitors, Our applications regarding the processing of your personal data from all our digital assets (websites, mobile applications, e-journals, etc.) used by We Are Creative Workshop, for what purposes your data is collected, in what ways it is used, how this information is used. Our information regarding the existing rights under the Personal Data Protection Law and the situations you want to contact us are as follows;



In accordance with the KVK (Personal Data Protection Law) No. 6698, any information that helps to make a real person’s identity specific or identifiable is within the scope of personal data. Your personal data at our company, for the reasons, purposes and methods explained below, in accordance with the information storage, reporting and disclosure obligations stipulated by the relevant legal regulations and legal authorities, by our company in the capacity of Data Supervisor or by the organizations affiliated with our company or in cooperation with our company, domestic and/or abroad; It can be kept on servers, recorded in our systems, stored, retained, stored, classified, updated for legal or financial reasons, and can be disclosed/transferred to third parties, classified and processed abroad in the cases permitted by the legislation and within the legal limits, and in the ways listed in the KVKK. It can be processed in accordance with the legislation in force in that country and within the prescribed security measures. We kindly request you to be informed about the following legal issues.



As We Are Creative Workshop Advertising Agency, to announce our services to our customers, members and visitors, to provide better service, to increase quality, to inform and to send all kinds of communication messages for similar purposes; To arrange all records and documents for the purpose of processing in electronic or paper environment,


  • Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and related secondary legislation,
  • Arrangement of Broadcasts on the Internet No. 5651,
  • Law on Combating Crimes Committed Through These Publications and related secondary legislation,
  • Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and related secondary legislation


With the aim of fulfilling our legal responsibilities and obligations arising from other legislation, especially the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237; Your personal data that will enable us to fulfill these purposes (name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail address, gender, address, professional information, educational status, marital status, in case of connecting with your social media accounts, consent to the sharing of you via social media channels) Your express consent is required in order to store and process your data as We Are Creative Workshop Advertising Agency as data controller.


Apart from your specified personal data, we Are Creative Workshop Advertising Agency’s digital assets (websites, mobile applications, e-journals, etc.) visit frequency, site login and order times, statistics of visited pages, such as aggregate statistical and anonymous data. Demographic information is collected and used to analyze and understand visitor movements and preferences. Your personal data mentioned above may also be used in order to make it easier for you to use our digital assets (websites, mobile applications, e-journals, etc.) and to customize the site according to your preferences and interests.



By our company, through channels such as our corporate websites, cooperation partners, employees, online transactions, your personal data can be sent verbally, in writing or electronically, directly from our customer or from institutions such as KKB, Risk Center or other official institutions or directly indirectly from its subsidiaries or from the controlling shareholder or from the controlling shareholder. or from real or legal third parties.



In the event that you share your information with us within the scope of the Information Regarding Personal Data with We Are Creative Workshop Advertising Agency, all your personal data transmitted to us will be recorded in the database of We Are Creative Workshop Advertising Agency, KVKK No. 6698. 12, this information will be kept confidential in line with the care required by a prudent trader, and this information you have given to us for use, in case of any reason other than those specified in the information text,